Forensic Document Examination


McDonnell Property Analytics works closely with a variety of Forensic Document Examiners throughout the country who are qualified to provide an expert opinion regarding whether a mortgage note, or another critical disclosure is an original, a counterfeit, or a forgery.

Today’s scanning technology has increased the risk that mortgage loan paperwork can be fabricated or forged. Afterall, we live in a world where people can 3D print an automobile —or just about anything else.

Borrowers need to understand that it is vitally important to preserve the loan origination documents they were given at closing because, as McDonnell Property Analytics admonishes, “Your Mortgage File is Evidence at Trial!”

If the borrower has retained their original documents, a Forensic Document Examiner can compare those to the documents the lender/servicer presents as originals.

If a mortgage note is found to be a fake, the court will not allow the holder to enforce the instrument.

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