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McDonnell Property Analytics (“MPA”) specializes in the analysis of residential and commercial mortgage loans from the consumer protection standpoint. We examine the nature, character, suitability, and sustainability of the transaction and determine whether the mortgage loan at issue is being serviced in strict accord with the terms of the note and mortgage, and in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws.

To learn more about how McDonnell Property Analytics may be of assistance to you, please explore our website and check out our case studies and testimonials. You can contact us at (774) 323-0892 or email us at

Do you know your Mortgage IQ?

Do you know your Mortgage IQ?

Our Mortgage IQ quiz assesses your knowledge of the basic terms of your mortgage loan and conveys essential information to increase your understanding.

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Affordability Calculator

We measure the affordability of your mortgage loan based on your gross monthly income and your monthly debt obligations for housing and consumer debt.

We also consider the type of loan you have chosen (fixed rate vs. adjustable) in combination with any non-traditional features that add risk.

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