Mortgage Ownership Search




Pursuant to the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act and the Truth in Lending Act consumers have an absolute right to obtain the identity of the entity who owns their mortgage loan. Despite our many Requests for Information we find that mortgage servicers routinely conceal the name of the “investor,” i.e., the mortgage owner. As a result, consumers are unable to resolve disputes with the counterparty to their mortgage contract. MPA’s skilled analysts have access to private and public databases that enhance our ability to trace the ownership of your mortgage. This information is necessary to understand who has the legal right to enforce your note and mortgage.

CAVEAT: Due to the lack of transparency caused by the failure to record assignments of mortgage, we may not be able to trace the ownership history of your loan, or verify that the party seeking to enforce your note and mortgage is the legal owner. Ultimately, this may have to be determined by a court of competent jurisdiction.